At RedPrint Strategy, our Award-Winning Political Media and Strategy team can help your campaign win.

RedPrint is a campaign and award winning media and digital consulting firm specializing in innovative campaign advertising and strategy for A-list political campaigns, PAC’s, State Parties, Trade Associations and National Campaign Committees.

Our Partners bring more than 20 years of tough campaign experience spanning all levels of campaign management, through the Political Department and Independent Expenditure arms of three national committees as well as Federal and State based 527 organizations.  RedPrint Partners have been involved in all levels of political campaigning from City Council to President and in all 50 states, several territories and a growing number of foreign countries.

Our network of specialists can help you build a world-class team and execute a winning strategy.

We specialize in award-winning media, campaign startup, general consulting and communications, bringing  a local focus and a national reach to each and every client we take on.

We are locally focused because every campaign is different, we believe your campaign strategy and branding should be unique to you and your district.

Our national reach delivers the same mix of Art, Science and Technology that are the hallmarks of successful modern campaigns.

We own and operate only the best Hollywood-grade cinema equipment and Emmy Award winning crew to make your advertising look and connect better than your competition.

Because campaigns in 2014 will be dramatically different than they were only a few years ago.